What’s Left?

Jan 11th, 2018 | By | Category: Opinion

Well, here we are in the second week of the new year! Time marches on! The other day I was watching television and I was thinking about all the time we waste watching commercials! That is one reason I like print media because you can easily choose what advertising you decide to read. When you are watching television – or listening to the radio- you have obtrusive ads that require you to do something – maybe just getting up or changing channels – but it is something you have to do to not have that 3 min., or 30 sec. intrude on your thoughts. You think it doesn’t matter – well you might be surprised at how vulnerable your mind is to these commercials. And I’ll have to say – sometimes the best part of a television show is the commercials. That is sad. Definitely a sign that you might not want to watch that show again. I guess that is one reason I watch so many shows on PBS – although they have begun to air commercials, too but they are done in better taste. I have found that if I wait one day to watch a show that I have recorded, I have the choice to skip the commercial. That is what I do when I can – which is most of the time. And – that is not even mentioning the ads on Facebook, etc. They are jumping in everywhere! Be vigilant! Your mind needs to store more important information. Also – and most important to me – I am a new Great Aunt!!!! Little Dawson Lee – son of Chelsea and Justin Lee was born Jan. 5th. Both mom and baby are fine! We are so happy! Go to your happy place! See you next week!