What’s Left?

Dec 28th, 2017 | By | Category: Opinion

Well – looking at last week’s column, I can tell you that apparently when you have the flu – you aren’t real aware of the font size you are using. Wow! If you need glasses to read the paper – you probably didn’t last week! Sorry! I am better this week and am watching the little numbers at the bottom of my page which tell me the type size I am using! I hope you all had a great Christmas! I can say that this Christmas – barring the loss of a loved one in the past – was the worst Christmas I have ever had. Now, I know it could have been worse – but having the flu for two weeks and having to come to work for a couple of hours almost every day – and being away from any Christmas celebration was just the worst! Now, truly, I did not feel, and my mom did not feel, like attending any of them – but it just seems like we missed Christmas – which we did. But, it will just have to go up from here. Right now, I’m at my office with 3 or 4 water leaks and a heater that does not work. So – maybe it can get worse. Sorry to be such a downer. And speaking of worse – our city attorney suffered an office fire – I was told it was Christmas Day. So sorry, Scott! Hope it gets cleaned up soon! (I talked to him last night and he said all his papers were sparred – so that is good!~ Go to your happy place! See you next year!!!! A better year!