How the New Superintendent was Chosen by the Beebe School Board and Words from Mr. Nail

Dec 28th, 2017 | By | Category: News and Features

This statement was read to those present at the Beebe School Board’s meeting held Monday night, Dec. 18th in which they hired a new superintendent. It was read and prepared by Board President Harold Davis. “I wanted to take a few minutes to describe the process. This has been a very laborious task. It has been my experience after some 15 years on the board that processes like this and making difficult decisions can either divide a board or you unite a board. I can tell you without reservation that this process as caused your board to come together and unite. I also have to say that our board approached this endeavor with much prayer both individually and collectively knowing that God was able to direct us in our decision. We approached the process without bias and with a clear mind wanting only what was best for our children and the staff we serve. We were elected by the constituents of the Beebe School District to do make decisions that are sometimes hard. We are charged to manage the superintendent and be certain that the right person is performing in that role. The total applicants that were received after extending the deadline for applications was approximately 15. The board considered the applications and decided on 6 that we wanted to explore more through a video-conferencing interview process. I want to thank our technology team that allowed these interviews to happen without technology glitches. The six selected candidate’s references were checked and each one of the board members spent many hours talking with references and people who knew these individuals. These reference checks were conducted by telephone and even in person. The 6 interviews took place and we then selected the final 2 candidates. The 2 Candidates were Dr. Scott Embry and Mr. Chris Nail. Both candidates were strong in their interviews and the board faced a very difficult decision. I do want to thank our board members for their strength courage and most importantly their heart and passion to make the decision that is right for the district. The board is united on this decision. The term of the contract will be 3 years at a rate of $140,000 and will provide a school vehicle.” – Harold Davis When reached for comment last week, Mr. Nail said, “I have been married for 20 years to Caroline. She is the elementary principal at Sydney Deener Elementary in the Searcy School District. I have two sons Brooks and Bo. Brooks will be a ninth grader next year and Bo will be an eighth grader next year in the Beebe School District. We decided to apply for the Beebe Superintendent job because the school has a great reputation and the community is a faith based community we would like to have our children go to high school.  My initial plan will be to come in and start building relationships with current staff members and gather feedback and information about how we can serve the students. The goal for all schools is to prepare out students for success after graduation so we will look at how we can best serve the students in the Beebe School District.