Postal Carrier Helps Save Woman from House Fire

Dec 14th, 2017 | By | Category: Top Story

It was a big day for Doug and Michelle Kennedy. They were going to renew their vows later in the evening, Sat., Dec. 2nd. It had been a tough year. Doug was diagnosed with cancer in his throat and has just recently finished chemo and radiation and gone back to work at Northstar EMS. And what a beautiful day it was. The temperature was in the high 60’s, the Chamber’s annual Christmas parade was set for that night, too. And just up the street, at Doug’s mom’s house, his mother, Frances Kennedy, and brother, David, were out in the carport talking awaiting the time when they would all go to Searcy for the vow renewal ceremony. Doug’s daughter, Jessica, was in the kitchen cooking. She stepped out to the carport to talk with her grandmother and uncle. Suddenly, she and her uncle realized that the oil which she had on the stove had caught fire. They both ran back into the house. David got the fire extinguisher and aimed it at the fire but only a few squirts came out of the extinguisher. Jessica ran back outside as her son Lawson ran down to Doug’s house to tell them about the fire. David called the fire department. Then Jessica decided to run back into the house to get her purse and her grandmother’s purse. But when she got back in the bedroom, suddenly the smoke had accumulated and she didn’t think she could make it back out the carport door. She went to the window and at that time, the local postal carrier, Jonathan Griffith, was passing by and noticed the young woman in the window and he noticed the smoke coming out of the house. “I just saw her there and she looked confused and desperate,” Jonathan said. “I decided I had to do something so I ran up to the window and told her to come on out. She tried to raise the window but couldn’t and then, after I encouraged her, she broke it out and climbed out through the broken glass,” Jonathan said. “Once she broke the glass out it caused the fire in the kitchen to suddenly take off,” added Jonathan. “I was so relieved she was out but she was bleeding in a few places. I walked her back to the carport area where the rest of her family was. They were looking for her and hadn’t realized she had gone back into the house. It was a very scary thing that could have gone very badly.” No one received serious injuries and the kitchen and laundry room were extensively damaged and the rest of the house had smoke and water damage. Mrs. Frances Kennedy’s little dog, Pixie, hid under the bed in the back bedroom and one of the firemen went back and saved her. “We’re very glad that no one was seriously injured,” stated Doug Kennedy. So – even after all that excitement – Doug and Michelle and family did go to Searcy and did renew their vows. “It’s been a hard year and we both felt it was something we wanted to do,” added Doug. The house, located on W. Mississippi, will be remodeled and Mrs. Frances will return there.