What’s Left?

Nov 16th, 2017 | By | Category: Opinion

I’ve just started reading a book which has some local connections. The book is “Chasing Phil” by David Howard. It is a true-crime thriller about the FBI’s first white-collar undercover sting operation during the ‘70’s. The local connection is Myron Fuller – who is from Beebe and spent many years with the FBI and headed up the Abscam investigation in the late ‘70’s which lead to the recovery of $1.5 million in stolen securities, recovered millions of dollars in fraudulent CDs and gold certificates which culminated in eight arrests and six convictions and later lead to the arrest of seven members of Congress – all convicted. Fuller gives credit for the success of Abscam to those two agents who undertook the FBI’s first white-collar investigation of charismatic, globe-trotting con man Phil Kitzer. I look forward to reading the book and making it much more interesting to me is knowing that our own Myron Fuller was watching and learning from these two agents which contributed to the success of Fuller and the Abscam investigation. Fuller now lives in Utah. Our best to him and we hope that a book about his exploits is next! The book “Chasing Phil” is available on Amazon. Go to your happy place! See you next week!