Council Approves Several Resolutions; Looks at New Parking Lot for Daniel Park, Dog Run for Shelter

Oct 4th, 2017 | By | Category: Top Story

The Beebe City Council met Monday night, Sept. 25th, for their regular monthly meeting. The council approved the recommendation of the Planning and Zoning Commission to accept a new member, Barry Flannery. The City was notified of an increase in charges for the 911 system but Mayor Mike Robertson talked with White County Judge Michael Lincoln and with some modifications, the city should be able to continue with the 911 system with no additional charges. The council approved several resolutions. One resolution, No. 2017-8, was a resolution suggested by the Ark. Municipal League supporting federal and state legislation to ensure proper assessment and collection of sales tax from all internet and online sales. Resolution 2017-7 was a resolution condemned property located at 504 W. Louisiana. Code Enforcement officer Milton McCullar stated that the property had been vacant for years and had been turned over to the state. The last known owner was Bobby and Elizabeth Patrom. Resolution 2017-10 was a resolution accepting gifts of fire extinguishers by Farmers Insurance and the Joseph Lamb Agency. They donated six extinguishers to place in Beebe Police vehicles. Beebe Alderman Lee McLane presented three issues which she wanted the council to consider. First she showed a picture of Daniel Park and talked to the council about paving a lot which the city owns which adjoins Daniel Park. The parking is critical at the park and anytime a function is held there, people have to park on one side of the very narrow streets surrounding the park. Mayor Robertson said that he will get some prices on putting gravel down first – which he said would need to settle for about a year before paving the lot. He will present the cost at the next council meeting. One other item which Alderman McLane presented was a way to make a grass covered dog run at the animal shelter. Mayor Robertson showed the council a diagram of the area and the need to place impounded vehicles on the property behind the shelter. The dog run would be adjoining the current back fence and the impound area would extend out from there to the property line. The mayor will bring estimates for the fencing to the next meeting. And finally, Alderman McLane explained to the council the need for a new structure at the animal control shelter area in order to be able to pick up stray cats. She explained that people have no place to take cats when tenants move off and leave cats and it is a constant problem for Beebe citizens. McLane asked the council members to think about it. No action was taken at this meeting. Alderman Derrek Goff brought an ordinance which is the one the city of Cabot uses regarding food trucks and other temporary business establishments. The ordinance was tabled until next meeting. The council met in executive session to consider hiring issues. After reconvening, the council approved moving Beebe Policeman Jennifer Latture from part time to full time. They also approved moving Beebe Animal Control officer Erica Darden to $11.00 hr. from $10. and increasing the hours of the assistant, Crystal, to full time. Beebe Parks director Lynn Hatcher addressed the council and explained some issues he has recently had at the park. He said that there had been a couple of teams that were practicing on certain fields but they did not have them reserved. When the team that had them reserved showed up, the other teams would not leave. The council agreed to let Mr. Hatcher handle the issue in a manner he felt comfortable doing. Another issue was that there is no deposit fee for renting Daniel Park. Mr. Hatcher said that recently a group that had it rented had left it in a mess and then the city has to pay to have it cleaned up. The city attorney, Scott Bles, will draw up an ordinance to place a clean-up deposit on the rental of Daniel Park. It will be presented at the next meeting.