What’s Left?

Sep 27th, 2017 | By | Category: Opinion

I’m still watching the Vietnam Ken Burns documentary this week. It continues through Thursday night. It is kind of hard to watch since I remember so much of the things that were going on at that time. But to see now how obvious it was that we should not have been in Vietnam – it is painful. But as I said before, it does not diminish the heroism of those soldiers who fought in the Vietnam War. America was in such turmoil then. But it is amazing to see the work that went into such a documentary. Ken Burns and all the others that produced this documentary did an extraordinary job of representing both sides. This week may finally bring some fall temperatures – giving us a break from these weird 90-degree days we’ve had lately. It has been so strange. We had a cool week about a month ago and then it’s been hot ever since. I am really ready for cool and even cold weather – which is very unusual for me. I think it mostly just wanting things to be the way they are supposed to be for this time of year. Last night (Monday) I went to a reception held for Ms. Brenda McKown as she is retiring from the Beebe School Board after serving 22 years (about half that was on the McRae School Board). We wish her well and thank her for the superb job she has done for all those years! Go to your happy place! See you next week!