What’s Left?

Sep 13th, 2017 | By | Category: Opinion

The weather has been crazy around the U.S. these past few days and weeks! Fires in the NW and Hurricanes in the SW and SE – Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. My ex lives near Orlando and he had two trees fall on his house. Luckily, they were not huge trees and he said they “fell slowly” so he thinks the house isn’t hurt too bad. Those folks in Orlando got a sudden surprise when Hurricane Irma suddenly turned a bit east from its westerly path and caused lots of damage around Orlando. Hurricane Irma sure damaged the Caribbean and those in the Keys along with Florida and Georgia and on up. Our prayers are with those people who have suffered loss and damage and will have a long road until they are back to normal. I was thinking about all the people who are without electricity. Isn’t it antiquated the way we get our power? I think that we should be powered by something (maybe not invented yet) that should power each individual house and not have us connected to millions of people sharing the power. I believe that within the next 50 years that we will see some sort of individual power packs of some sort on each home so that when there is a storm we don’t lose power the way we do now. I think solar is a good alternative and maybe wind – but we still need something else – maybe nuclear? I don’t know but there is some smart person out there who, I hope, is working on this. Go to your happy place! See you next week!