Aug 30th, 2017 | By | Category: Opinion

Sometimes – doing something you don’t want to do – is a blessing! Back a year or so ago, as my sister was recovering from breast cancer and a near-fatal car accident, I was out at her house helping out. They had to buy a new vacuum because the old one had bit the dust – so to speak! As I was getting the new vacuum ready to use – it was a small upright – Shark or Bissell – can’t remember – my sister was sitting there in her wheel chair and her eyes lit up. I looked at her quizzically and she said, “Do you think I might be able to do that from my wheel chair?” I almost cried. She was hoping that she could maneuver her wheel chair and vacuum by herself. Well, she could have except she had only one working arm. Every time since that moment, when I think about vacuuming and how I don’t want to do it, I think of all the people who would love to be able to vacuum. Thankfully, since that time, my sister has improved and now she can vacuum – even though it probably takes 50% more energy for her to do it than it does me. However, she won’t let me help her now. I wish she would. I guess life is like that. We should appreciate each and every task we can do while we can do it. I know my sister will probably be mad at me for writing about this but it was a poignant moment in my life – not unlike so many that I had during her cancer, accident and recovery. Life is tough but it is full of lessons if we are just alert enough to see them – and learn from them. I know that many of them pass just over my head but God will send them back by at some point so that I can learn and move on. So, I can’t say that vacuuming is my happy place – but it sure is better than it used to be. On another note, I want to express my sorrow at the passing of a sweet young lady, Scout Rodgers. She put up a brave battle against cancer for over three years. She passed Friday, Aug. 25th. Our prayers are with her family and friends. We will miss her but know that she is in God’s arms. Please pray for our neighbors to the south – Texas and Louisiana as they go through this historic flooding from Hurricane Harvey. Go to your happy place! See you next week!