Beebe School Board Hires; Approves Expenditures Over $20,000 in Monthly Meeting

Aug 23rd, 2017 | By | Category: Top Story

The Beebe School Board met for their regular monthly meeting Monday night, August 14th.    The Beebe School Board met for their regular monthly meeting Monday night, August 14th.    It was the first day of school for the 2017-2018 school year.    The first item on the agenda was personnel. Resignations were presented and approved by the board – which included the resignation of Dr. Belinda Shook, effective at the end of the school year, and the following: Angela Kindrex, Jr. High Special Ed Teacher and Bus Driver, effective 07/20/17; Vikki Jennings, Assistant Jr. High Principal, effective 07/18/17;  and Melissa Jackson, Grounds and Bus Driver, effective 08/04/17.   The recommendations for employment were –  effective 2017-18 School Year: Erica Forehand, First Grade Teacher, Early Childhood; Brittney Roberts, Paraprofessional, Early Childhood; Art Bell, Assistant Principal, Beebe Jr. High School, on ALCP; Caden King, In-School Suspension Facilitator; Matthew Jenkins, Paraprofessional, Beebe High School; Shannon Marshall, Assistant Principal, Beebe Elementary; Andrea Embrey, Teacher, Badger Academy; Karen Jones, Art Teacher, Beebe High School; Debbie Runyon, Special Ed Teacher, Beebe Elementary, on ALP; Randy Picou, Bus Driver (1.0), Country Route; David Dodge, Bus Driver (1.0) City Route; Karly Carter, Secretary, Beebe Elementary, 3 years’ experience with 2 additional years after 1 full year of service; and Cathy Payne, History Teacher, Beebe High School.   After those were presented for employment, board member Dr. Kathy Pillow-Price moved to adjourn into Executive Session at 6:33 p.m. for the purpose of employment.  The board reconvened in Open Session at 7:38 p.m. Dr. Kathy Pillow-Price read a statement explaining her opposition to the procedure of recommendations for employment stating that some of the employees were being hired without the licensure that others that were qualified for the job currently had but were not interviewed for the jobs.   “The Beebe School District has hired well in the past and we should hire the best…” stated Dr. Pillow-Price. Dr. Pillow-Price stated that the ALP (Additional Licensure Plan) was for emergency hiring. Her statement, in part, read:  “Announcements were made by the district on the status of these positions before the board members – who are by policy and state statute charged with hiring had met to take action.” “Since I previously served as licensure officer for our state, I know the Rules Governing Standards for Accreditation of Arkansas Public Schools and School Districts only allow us to place an unlicensed person in position for “emergency purposes.”     In a phone interview Monday morning, Dr. Pillow-Price stated, “I have the highest respect for Dr. Shook and my fellow board members. While, we are not always going to agree on everything, it is fortunate that we can ‘agree to disagree’ in a civil manner. I look forward to continuing to serve on the board and to supporting their future decisions as we strive to benefit all children in the Beebe School district.”      Dr. Belinda Shook, superintendent, explained to the board and audience that the district has done this type of hiring in the past, stating, “This is perfectly legal! There is nothing wrong with this!”  Dr. Shook said the Ark. Dept. of Education allows for using ALP and ALPC (Additional Licensure Plan for Administrators) and gives the employee 3 years to complete their coursework.   The board then voted on the recommendations for employment and it was approved 4-1 with Dr. Pillow-Price voting against it.    The board then voted to approve the following transfers/contract changes: Ryan Marshall, Head Jr. High Basketball Coach; Eric Chambers, Head Golf Coach; Marci Jordan, from High School Secretary to HIPPY Instructor.    Dr. Shook informed the board that the district will receive less state funding because the district has 18 less students but said that we will get more money on a declining enrollment.
There were 23 legal transfers approved by the board.   The food service bids for this fall were presented by Dr. Shook and recommended awarding all bids to Sysco, as follows: Major $227,456.60; Disposables $31,271,30; Spices $7,513.59; A la Carte Beverage – $9,213.00; Produce $0.20 over the cost per case and Chemicals – $11,264.21.
The purchases over $20,000 were presented and approved by the board. They were: Service Plus, Technology Equipment, new upgrade to phones – $22,401.88; Renaissance, 2017-18 Renewal Subscription – $20,070.89; and Professional Court Resurfacing, tennis courts – $12,800 and $16,700.
The September School Board meeting will be held Sept. 25th instead of the regular meeting date of Sept. 11th due to a scheduling conflict.  The board meeting on Sept. 25th will begin at 5 p.m. for a special budget meeting and a reception for Ms. McKown will begin at 6 p.m.