Whats Left?

Aug 16th, 2017 | By | Category: Opinion

School has begun for the 2017-2018 school year! I hope your younger kids are happy with their teachers – although the Kindergarten children don’t start until Wednesday. I was thinking about the first day of school in my past and I honestly can’t remember any first day except in college. That is strange! And it never failed that when I started a new college semester I would end up in one wrong class and wouldn’t know it until they started calling the roll and I wasn’t called. Then I would look at my schedule card and find that I was in the right class but wrong room, i.e. English or Math or some generic class. Oh, well. That is a normal happening for first days – I guess – at least it was for me. I think I have wiped all the other first days out of my memory because I never really liked school that much. I kind of liked college and I do love learning. But I spent much of my early educational years just being bored. I was ahead of my classes in most cases – not because I was smart – but because I tended to read a lot and was ahead of our class schedule. Anyway – I hope you are happy to be back in the routine of school. We are lucky here in Beebe to have such great schools and a great college. You can do it all right here! That is such a great opportunity! I hope you know how lucky you are to live here! I think about that almost every day. I’m happy to be here in Beebe! So terrible to hear of the terrible happenings in Charlottesville, VA. I pray that our country doesn’t have demonstrations – violent – occurring all over the country. We don’t need a civil war here! We need to be united and come together as Americans – as a country that accepts diversity and embraces immigrants. Almost all of us are immigrants. We need to remember that! Go to your happy place! See you next week!