Council Meets in Regular and Special Sessions

Jul 13th, 2017 | By | Category: Top Story

A special council meeting was held Friday, July 7th, to inform the council of a federal lawsuit which had been filed by plaintiffs Paula Brittain, Jennifer Johnston and Kimberly Ward against defendants Jeffery Everetts; CS Backgrounds, Inc.; and The City of Beebe, AR. The council was familiar with CS Backgrounds, Inc. and Jeffery Everetts as he provided probation officer duties for the city for a time – but not presently. The three plaintiffs have complaints of a sexual nature against Jeffery Everetts of CS Backgrounds. The council approved letting city atty. Scott Bles be the lead council as a private matter along with the Ark. Municipal League. The Beebe City Council met for their regular June meeting on July 3rd. The council approved the recommendation of the Beebe Water and Sewer Commission to approve the appointment of Bobby Pruitt as the Commissioner. The council approved the conditional use permit requested by James Brockway to allow a single family living quarters at a mini storage facility located within the city limits. The council approved substitutes for the Goff Public Library: Daren Cupp, Meredith Howard, Julia Hall, Patricia Carroll, and Catherine Hall at $8.50/hr. Also approved for the parks were: Leah Shorter at $9/hr; Charlie Fancyboy at $8.50/hr; Dakota Blood at $8.75/hr and Trey Haley at $8.50/hr. The council approved Ord. 2017-9 regarding zoning; Ord. 2017-10 regarding peddlers required to obtain license from city; Ord. 2017-11 regarding city personnel policies (see all on Pgs. 6 & 7.