City Fireworks Extravaganza is a No Blow as Rain and Lightning Reign

Jul 13th, 2017 | By | Category: News and Features

Lots of people swarm local fireworks stands to have their own fireworks show July 4th night City plans to have fireworks at later date

July 4th – the celebration of our nation’s birthday! A day of picnics, fireworks and general celebration! Well – maybe not this year! Rain came down and came down and then came down some more. So much so – that the fields where the attendees to the planned city’s 4th of July Extravaganza were to park – became flooded. Thus – no place to park so no extravaganza. Not to mention that there was a fair amount of lightning associated with the tropical-like rain showers – or downpours – that came and went all day long. So – hopefully – this will be the only city-sponsored 4th of July event that will have been rained out for many years to come. City officials (the mayor) says that we will have the fireworks display soon and we will let the public know. The city will have to obtain a special permit to shoot the fireworks. So hold on to that anticipation!!! Floyd did have their parade that morning and pictures are on Pg. 10.