What’s Left?

Jun 29th, 2017 | By | Category: Opinion

Last week – for those of you who did not notice – our Page 3 – which contains my column, Sen. Dismang and Rep. Gillam’s columns – was not published with this newspaper. We had, instead, a page from another newspaper – I think the Heber Springs paper. Obviously, it was a mistake by the press people from the place where we were newly printing. If you receive the paper online – you saw the correct Page 3. So, I must apologize to those of you who did not see the “real” Page 3. I wrote about No. Korea in my column and we had a nice Letter to the Editor from Melba Brackin about No. Korea. I started to just print last week’s Page 3 here in this issue along with the current Page 3 but decided not to do that. Anyway – we now have a new printer and press people – and I expect to have a good product. We are printing with our friends in Jacksonville at The Leader. I believe it will help us to produce a better product for you. On a very sad note – most of you know of the passing of young Nathaniel Crump – son of our Clerk Treasurer Carol Crump Westergren. Nathaniel was just 30 and was a Little Rock Fireman and volunteer at Antioch Fire Dept. He fought a courageous battle with cancer and with the support of his sweet wife, Jessica, and his family – including brother, Caleb (a Beebe Policeman), he gave it all he had to win this battle but, I believe, God decided it was time for Nathaniel to come home! His funeral was this past Sat. (obit on Pg. 5 of this issue). There were four or five LR firetrucks and 30-50 firemen there, along with police and AR State Police. It was an honorable and touching send off. Our prayers to his family and friends. Go to your happy place! See you next week!