What’s Left?

May 24th, 2017 | By | Category: Opinion

The school year is almost over and even though the temperatures have been unseasonably low – the city swimming pool will open on Memorial Day, Monday May 29th. The kids probably won’t notice that the water temperature is pretty cool. I’m sure in July, we’ll be wishing for these temperatures. I think I mentioned earlier that I rescued two baby squirrels a month or so ago. They are doing very well. It is so fun to see them play. I had a couple of branches wedged across the width of their cage for them to play on and I had them duct taped in place. The next day I came out to find one of them had a piece of duct tape all around his foot. It looked just like a flipper. He tried to get it off but couldn’t. I had to get him and soak his foot in vegetable oil and then pull it off. It came off pretty easy – thank goodness. He was so happy to have his foot back. It is amazing what trouble these little creatures can get into all by themselves. I fed the squirrels with a syringe for about 6 weeks and now they are drinking water by themselves – also thank goodness. It was tough feeding them every 4 hours or so. But now they are eating their squirrel food, pecans, blueberries, sweet potatoes, spinach, etc. I think they eat better than I do. But it is fun to see them grow and progress. Go to your happy place. See you next week!