Beebe Teacher, Students Earn Patent on Child Safety Seat Alarm Invention

May 24th, 2017 | By | Category: Top Story

By Lee “Cat” McLane Editor/Publisher Talk about the American dream – here we have two young guys (junior high students) who, along with their teacher, invented a device that could save several lives of young children – AND – they won a $50,000 prize in Samsung technology for being in the top 10 inventions in the nation. These two young students are Mason Covington and Tyler Duke with their teacher, Tate Rector. AND – they just found out that they have received a patent on their invention. “We found out yesterday that we received the patent for the device, so now we have a couple of 13-year olds who own a patent,” stated Tate Rector – instructor. “Not many schools in the state of Arkansas can say that. This wouldn’t be possible without the money and resources Beebe Public Schools has put into Engineering and Computer Science. The emphasis on STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) in Arkansas, including Beebe, has really paid off.” “We made an alarm that you can attach to any car seat that uses the preprogrammed key fob to set off the alarm.  The device only activates when a child is in the car seat.  When it comes on, it starts running code to constantly check the temperature inside of the vehicle. When that temperature is over 80 degrees, it sends a signal across the panic button on the spare key fob attached.  This sets off the car alarm alerting nearby people. It is called Baby Safe 2000,” Rector explained. Tate Rector said that the boys have been in engineering classes for two years and they took robotics and design and modeling as 7th graders and they took flight and space as 8th graders. Mason and Tyler had to stay after school to work on the project for about an hour and a half three days a week, every week. This invention is not for sale yet as the three are looking for a company to manufacture it. When it is available – we will let you know. Congratulations to Tate Rector, Mason Covington and Tyler Duke! Great job!