What’s Left?

Apr 29th, 2015 | By | Category: Opinion

I had an unusual experience last Sunday. When I came home from church there was a baby armadillo at my side door. It was trying to burrow into a hay bale I had sitting there for my cats to sun themselves on. The baby was so cute. It was about 6” long and if you’ve ever looked closely at an armadillo – their armour looks like something an extraterrestrial might be wearing. Anyway, we looked all around to see if the mother was anywhere near and we couldn’t find her. So, I put the baby in a pet taxi and took it out in the pasture where I let it go (dumped it out of the pet taxi because I didn’t want to handle it). I started walking away and the little thing started running toward me and ran right back in the pet taxi which I had put down when I was startled that it was running back towards me. So, I repeated this exercise and the same thing happened. My son said the baby must have imprinted on me. Well, I may be a “cat mom” but I can’t see me also being an armadillo mom – plus – it is very complicated to raise a baby armadillo – when you’re not an armadillo.

So, I called the local wildlife rescue person and he now has the baby. I hope it is doing well and I really appreciate  this selfless person taking on another project. It takes a special person to be a wildlife rescuer! Thanks!!!!

Go to your happy place!

See you next week!