What’s Left?

Oct 29th, 2014 | By | Category: Opinion

Well, this is a busy time. We have Halloween coming up and then the General Election is Tuesday, Nov. 4th. If you haven’t early voted – please make sure you go vote on Tuesday, Nov. 4th!  You know what they say, “If you don’t vote – you can’t gripe…”

I can’t/won’t tell you how to vote except I will give you my opinion on one issue – that is Issue 3 on the ballot. They call it the “Ethics” issue but I believe the main aspect to it is to extend the term limits of legislators. The problem is that they (the legislators) slipped this issue in with a couple of  good ideas regarding lobbyists and receiving gifts. But because they tried to slip the issue of extending the length of time legislators can serve – I am against Issue Three. I hope you will consider voting this way as well.  It doesn’t even have anything to do with whether you agree or disagree with term limits, to me. It is just the idea that they think it’s okay to put it on the ballot and make lots of people think they are voting for one thing when they are voting for several issues.  Isn’t it funny that they call this the “ethics” issue?  Where were your ethics when you slipped the extension of term limits in?

Despite how you feel about this issue – I hope you go vote!!!

Go to your happy place!

See you next week!