What’s Left?

Jul 29th, 2010 | By admin | Category: Opinion

By Lee McLane  Editor/Publisher  and  Simba  the late Squeak’s  adoptive baby

By Lee McLane Editor/Publisher and Simba the late Squeak’s adoptive baby

Thanks for the comments about my gorgeous Simba whose picture with his new haircut was published last week in our paper. His ego was stroked by his fan group. (He apparently has a large one). I’ve been asked what breed of cat he is and I would say, even though he is a stray, that he is Maine Coon. He looks like all the pictures I’ve seen of Maine Coon’s and he has a temperament like a Maine Coon.  I thought for a while that he was part raccoon because he would stand at the door and “talk” to the raccoons that would come up to eat the food I had placed in the front yard for them. If they ran out of food, they would come up and literally try to ring the doorbell. Strange raccoons. I guess they are pretty smart.  Simba would stand up on his hind legs and scratch at the window on the door. Every so often, one of the raccoons would also stand up and hold his arms up in the air like, “see how big I am!”  It is funny!  That wouldn’t scare Simba because he is bigger than the biggest of our raccoons.
I’ve been having dog problems this past week. Apparently when we took down our old electric fence wire - that hasn’t been activated in 2-5 years, my old dog thought, “Wow! Now I can dig out!”  I had no idea he even remembered  how to or wanted to dig out. But he did and he convinced my younger dog, Little Buddy, to make  a a break for it. Well, thank goodness, our Animal Control officer, Horace Taylor, just happened to see my dogs booking it down Dewitt Henry Drive (as I was out in my car looking for them near my house). Horace brought them back to my house - thank you so much, Horace! I put them in their inner pen (a large building with a door) and they had to stay in there until we got our new electric fence up yesterday. Well, after a few yelps, I felt relatively good about them being in a safe, confined area. Wrong. Last night, as I happened to be out on my side yard around 9 p.m., I noticed a reflective object out in the darkness of my yard - it was Little Buddy. He was out of the pen but trying to get back into the alternate pen, as my older dog has not tried to outsmart the electric fence - or at least remembered the big sting from the old electric fence. So, we had to search the pen and found that some older wire we used was not fully conducting the electrical charge and so Little Buddy got a minor sting or nothing as he dug out of the pen. We (my son) replaced the wire and now, finally, I think we are in business. We heard Little Buddy yelp one time and then he settled down. Hopefully that will be the last time either of them get out.  If you have a dog, you know how hard it is sometimes to keep the little devils in their pen. My dogs have a huge area to run and play in and yet they still want out. Bad dogs. Last night I was watching David Letterman and he was lamenting that he had gotten a dog (puppy) for his son. He said the dog had destroyed thousands of dollars worth of stuff and was much more trouble than he had thought a puppy would be. But, in the long run, after the dog gets one or two years old, and with some training, the dog will be a good companion for his son.
Cats aren’t that bad. They just want comfort. Of course, kittens want something to play with and comfort. So, if you provide a cat with toys, food, water and a clean, dry place to live - preferably with pillows, blankets,  and other soft stuff -  they are happy.
I hope you are having a great summer - sleeping late, staying up late, swimming, going to movies, reading books, visiting with friends and just doing what you want. Enjoy it. It will soon come to an end and will just be a fond memory of the summer of 2010.
I watched the Tony Robbins (one of my favorite people) television show, “Breakthrough” last night. It was very good - inspiring - as all of Tony Robbins programs are. I’m looking forward to seeing it next Tuesday night.
Go to your happy place.
See you next week!