What’s Left?

Jul 22nd, 2010 | By admin | Category: Opinion

  Well, I finally remembered I needed to show you (promised a few weeks ago) a picture of my kitty, Simba, with his new lion haircut. He wouldn’t stand up for me so now all you can really hone in on is his big fat tummy. He says it’s just muscle but it has the rounded look of cat fat to me. He is a handsome boy, though. The first couple of days after he gets his haircut he is a little “embarassed” but after that he seems to like it. If he were standing up in this picture you could see that he has a nice mane but is shaved around the upper part of his chest and parts of his legs. His haircut is a little different from his cut last year but still cute.
On a sad note, our grandmother kitty from the office, who had recently been moved to my house, Mon Kitty, died last night (Tues.) I came home from work and the other cats were acting funny and so I started looking for her because a couple of months ago she had a bad seizure. She was lying under my couch in my bedroom “asleep.” I say that because it looked as though she died in her sleep. She had her eyes closed and looked totally peaceful. That is a good way to go. She was a funny cat and I’m so glad that she got to live at home with me for a few months before she passed away. She loved to sleep on my pillows above my head when I first layed down at night then she would move down to the side of the bed. She was very loving to me and to her grandcats - Samson and Simonize. Samson will really miss her. No matter how old they are, it is always so tough to lose one of your cats. But Mon Kitty had a good life - after starting out as a stray kitty at the ballpark. She lived here at the office for about 10 years and then at my house with me for about 6 months. I’m really glad to have my office cats at home with me. I don’t worry about them as much and they have more birds, etc. to look at there at home.
I hope you are having a good summer!
Go to your happy place!

See you next week!