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Jun 3rd, 2010 | By admin | Category: Opinion

By Lee McLane  Editor/Publisher  and  Simba  the late Squeak’s  adoptive baby

By Lee McLane Editor/Publisher and Simba the late Squeak’s adoptive baby

I guess my “go to your happy place” sign off is catching on a little. Ben Allen (column at left) wrote about his happy place and a friend of mine, Lisa Ahne, sent me this sign that was up at Petit Jean Mountain, promoting hiking as the way to find your Happy Place.  Funny, huh?   But we all need our own happy place. Like Ben said, mine is frequently the beach or just being with my cats. More than just being on the beach, it is the sound of the surf crashing on the shore that seems to calm and almost sedate me.  But when I need that - it is the only thing that will work.  The sound of the surf - with the sound of each wave crashing on the shore - alike - yet different, is so hypnotic.  Yeah, that’s the word  hypnotic.  It is just a great way to de-stress.  I don’t necessarily have to be at the beach - I can listen to a CD of waves and that works well. But, if you can do it, being at the beach can’t be beat - at least that is the way it has been in the past. I hope the oil disaster doesn’t change that for the remainder of my lifetime.
Relating to the beach, we have a big event coming up in my family’s life. My niece Chelsea is getting married this summer and is planning a beach wedding. It is unbelieveable the amount of planning that goes into a simple wedding. But, it’s fun to think about her taking the next big step in her life. I just hope/pray that the oil does not ruin the beautiful beaches of the Gulf area.
I’m still having behavioral problems with a couple of my cats. Two of my cats in the “cat room” have to get medication each day because they tend to be too aggressive. When I give it to them, I tell them, “Now it’s time to take your good kitty medicine.”  They do it pretty well. But without it, they terrorize the rest of the cats. So, as they are getting their meds, the rest of the cats stand back and applaud. I don’t blame them. Nothing like being locked in a room - or two- with two manical cats.
Hope you’re having a good start to your summer!
OK - here goes:
Go to your happy place!

See you next week!