What’s Left?

Apr 8th, 2010 | By admin | Category: Opinion

By  Lee “Cat” McLane Editor/Publisher &  the late Squeak,  now Kitty Angel

By Lee “Cat” McLane Editor/Publisher & the late Squeak, now Kitty Angel

I am loving this weather!  My cats are loving it, too. They all seem to get healthier in the spring and summer. I guess it’s because they get more fresh air and sunshine. They have a screened in porch they get to stay on when the weather is good. They have the option of staying out or coming in the house. Most of them like to stay out when the weather is good like it has been here lately. My son has got our garden out. He is trying to do it in a very scientific way with underground water, timers, etc. We’ll see how that works out. I hope it does. We also have just a few flower pots of tomatoes. We can’t have too many tomatoes. I can’t wait.
As I sit here trying to write, I have one cat that is trying to sit in my lap, one cat that is trying to help me type and one cat that is laying next to me and is sound asleep.  It makes it hard to work.
Did you happen to watch the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution show last Friday night on ABC?  I mistakenly told you a few weeks ago - or was that last week? - that it was on HGTV. Well, it’s on ABC, Channel 7.  I watched it and am very excited to think that we may get to overhaul our school lunches - and our home meals. We just need to be more tuned in to what we eat and how processed the things are that we think are healthy. I think the bottom line is that we’ve all gotten lazy. We don’t want to take something from just picked to prepared and ready to eat. We have the concept that it takes too long but I believe, like Chef Jamie Oliver, that the more processing you have in your everyday life, the worse your health will be. It will be interesting to see what happens as the show progresses.

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