What’s Left?

Mar 4th, 2010 | By admin | Category: Opinion

By  Lee “Cat” McLane Editor/Publisher &  the late Squeak,  now Kitty Angel

By Lee “Cat” McLane Editor/Publisher & the late Squeak, now Kitty Angel

Well, the Olympics have come and gone and I’ve missed the variety of events on television each night. It was fun to watch but there is always a let down when it’s over.  I wonder what it would feel like if you were one of the athletes.  They are probably so tired that they are kind of glad it’s over for the first week or so.  Well, I guess I can start looking forward to the summer Olympics in London, England, July 27-Aug. 12, 2012. So, we’ll just have to wait two years. It will go by in a flash. That would be lots of fun to go to London, England for the Olympics.
I’m in about week 3 of the adjustment of my office cats to my bedroom cats. It has been interesting and at times - very noisy. One of my office cats, Simonize, has developed some unusual traits for him. He has suddenly developed a bossy personality and has enjoyed chasing one or two of my female cats around the bedroom. He doesn’t hurt them - just runs them up and down the hallway. They will stop and stand up for themselves very soon. They have kind of a bossy personality anyway. I guess they’re just trying to establish the pecking order.
It was terrible to hear about the 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile on February 27th.  I think, so far, they are saying there were 700 killed in the earthquake and following tsunami. What is happening?  Doesn’t it seem that there are just too many disasters happening around the world?  And the crazy weather?  It has been very weird! Snow, snow and more snow in the northeast and even lots of snow here in Arkansas.  Snow - around the U.S. - has really become a four -letter word.
Today (Thursday) is the ribbon cutting ceremony of the newly renovated Christian Outreach Center next door to us on E. Center Street. The ceremony will be at 1 p.m.  If you have the chance, come on out and look at all the improvements that have been made. Hats off to all the people who made the grant possible to get the renovation of the center and all the volunteers over there that put in many hours to give out food and clothing for those in need!  Great work!  We are so happy to have a great organization like that right next door to us!
I hope you are going to enjoy the rest of this week. The temperatures are supposed to rise to near or above normal (50-60 degrees) and the sun will shine. Enjoy it!  I now I will.
Last weekend I had the pleasure of riding a horse for the first time in ten years (since I had back surgery).  It was so much fun. I got to gallop and had no ill effects!  This took place at my niece’s son’s 3rd birthday party. Happy Birthday, Luke! It was a fun “cowboy” party!
Go to your happy place!

See you next week.