What’s Left?

Feb 25th, 2010 | By admin | Category: Opinion

By  Lee “Cat” McLane Editor/Publisher &  the late Squeak,  now Kitty Angel

By Lee “Cat” McLane Editor/Publisher & the late Squeak, now Kitty Angel

I have really been enjoying watching the Olympics this past week. I know I mentioned it in my column last week, too. Although, I have to admit, I’m getting pretty sick of the curling event. I know there are people who probably love it - but I’m not one of them. So, I do what I tell people to do when they don’t like what I’m talking about in this column - just turn the page (or in this case - turn the channel). Anyway, I was thinking over the past few nights about what the Olympics can teach us. When you look at those young (mostly) athletes and what they’ve given up to train and the mental and physical discipline, it should show all of us what you can accomplish when you put your mind to it. We’ve seen the adversity of injuries and even the sudden death of one of the athlete’s mother just two days before she competed in ice skating last night - and did remarkably well. That is courage. And I believe it was Lindsey Vonn who had the shin injury and still competed in the downhill skiiing and won the gold medal - the first woman to ever do so.  There are just so many stories that are inspiring. I believe that is what sports teaches us - especially when you compete and are not just a spectator. But, unfortunately, not everyone can compete but you can be a fan and see the life lessons that you can take away from the sport. It’s amazing! Another thing that amazes me is that those athletes - the top ones - can compete in front of all those people and seem to shut everything out except their job at hand. You see the guy/girl in front of you wipe out on the ice or downhill skiing and then you get up there and just give an almost perfect performance. It is inspirational. I hope you’ve all been able to catch one or two of the events during the Olympics at Vancouver.
My cats!  What can I say. I’m going through a break-in period with my former office cats who have now been integrated with my bedroom cats. They are doing pretty well - actually better than I expected. It’s funny to watch a cat that has been in my office all his life suddenly at age 10, watch a tub filling up with water or getting on my bed and watching me sleep. It’s a new experience for them and they are taking it all in. My other bedroom cats are not ecstatic to share the bedroom with them but they are doing much better than I thought they would be at this point. I do let them out to run around the house for awhile and go out on the screened in porch. So, they do get a break. The former office cats are - so far - confined to the bedroom where they will stay except for occasionally going on the porch when the weather gets better.
Go to your happy place.
See you next week.