What’s Left?

Feb 4th, 2010 | By admin | Category: Opinion

By  Lee “Cat” McLane Editor/Publisher &  the late Squeak,  now Kitty Angel

By Lee “Cat” McLane Editor/Publisher & the late Squeak, now Kitty Angel

It has been one year ago this Saturday since my little Squeak left this earth.  I can’t believe it has been that long. In many ways it seems like about two months ago.  I still really miss her. She was so unique.  But, really, if you really let yourself get to know your cat or dog, they all have very unique personalities.  But Squeak was very, very special.  I will always miss her but relish the great memories she left with me.
My cat, Simonize, that was very sick is doing much, much better. Thank you all for your prayers.  I believe he will be all back to normal in a week or two.  That is pretty much a miracle in my mind.
What about that snow?  It was pretty.  I went to bed Thursday night and as they had predicted, it started sleeting about 4 a.m. Friday morning. We were lucky here in Beebe that we really didn’t get any freezing rain just about an inch of sleet. Then on Friday it turned to snow and we got about an inch or so over the inch of sleet.  It was hard to get to work Friday but it was even worse on Saturday.  Then things started slowly melting.  I found out, even though I knew it to some degree, that I am very claustrophobic about not being able to leave the house. I felt somewhat trapped and just had to get in my SUV and go out. But, once I got out of the house and went to the office, I was fine.  So, I really don’t like snow and I hate ice.  I was so afraid that we would have ice and our electricity would go out. Thankfully that did not happen to us this time.  But snow is really pretty when it’s falling. My cats sat at the window and watched it fall. I know they were thinking, “look at all those little bugs falling from the sky.”  I used to take Squeak out and let snow fall on her face. She kind of liked it.
My aunt and uncle who live in Oklahoma suffered much more than we did here in Arkansas. I think they were snowed in for several days. My aunt told my uncle, “I’m really tired of being stuck here in the house.”  My uncle replied, “Well.  We could go out and sit in the car for awhile.”  I thought that was so funny!
So, we can be thankful that we just had a small amount of snow. The kids got to have Friday and Monday off of school! I know they were glad of that. But, they’ll have to pay later. Someone told me the other day that the Farmer’s Almanac was predicting that we would have much more snow this winter. I hope it’s wrong.
I want to embrace whatever weather we get. After all, what can we do about it?
Go to your happy place.
See you next week!