What’s Left?

Dec 24th, 2009 | By admin | Category: Opinion

By  Lee “Cat” McLane Editor/Publisher &  the late Squeak,  now Kitty Angel

By Lee “Cat” McLane Editor/Publisher & the late Squeak, now Kitty Angel

As we go about doing our last minute Christmas preparations, I can’t help but think about last Christmas when I still had my little Squeak kitty with me. She wasn’t feeling well at all but she had her moments when she would play and times when you could tell she was just enjoying being with us. It was such a blessing to me - and I still thank God for it - to have her with me during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. It meant so much. So, as I work through this Christmas without her, it just helps to remember the good times we had last Christmas and how I was lucky to have had her that long.  I am thankful for all the people and animals in my life right now and find that it is important to thank God for them.
The other night, several of us went riding around in Searcy looking at Christmas lights and then we drove back here and looked around in a few neighborhoods. In Searcy, the Harding University campus is the prettiest in my opinion. The courthouse is usually pretty but they must be trying to save money and they don’t have very many lights on it this year. Same thing with the State Capitol. It doesn’t look as good this year as in years past. Anyway, the City of Beebe looks very good in comparison to Searcy. We have lots of pretty lights up all over town and Daniel Park really looks great. There is a house out on Dugger Road that has lighted objects all over their huge front yard.
We need to focus on what this season really means to each of us and to our lives year round.
I hope each of you has a blessed Christmas - full of love, peace and hope.  That is my happy place.

See you next week!