What’s Left?

Apr 19th, 2017 | By | Category: Opinion

I hope you had a great Easter! I went to one event – our church’s Easter Egg Hunt – at Daniel Park. There were hundreds of kids there and the weather was perfect. It was fun to watch the young children run after those eggs and see the parents trying to guide the very young ones to pick up an egg. Some of them would just pick up one, open it and sit down and want to eat the candy right then and there. It was really funny! I know there were other egg hunts, etc. but I wasn’t able to make those. I hope they went well. I believe the spring/summer is really here. I don’t think we will have anymore cool weather – certainly not cold weather. So, if you are planting a garden, it’s time to do it – if you haven’t already. My mother has decided that this year, she will just put 5 or 6 big pots (planters) out and put tomato plants in them rather than fooling with a garden. She has done the big and really big garden for years and years. It is time for her to rest. I would love to do it – but my cats take all my “spare” time. So, I will be buying all my veggies, except tomatoes, hopefully from a local Farmer’s Market. That may be something the Chamber brings back. I hope so! Go to your happy place! Get well, Carol Westergren!!!! See you all next week!