What’s Left?

Mar 29th, 2017 | By | Category: Opinion

Wow! I didn’t expect that our city would have much damage Friday night (Sat. morn.) but we sure did. There were shingles off hundreds of houses, roofs off businesses, damage to the monoliths at the Veterans Monument, trees and branches down all over the place. Lots of business for roofers, chainsaws, etc. Glad there were no injuries – as far as I know. We have more bad weather predicted for Wed. night. Let’s hope that does not materialize. We have been pretty lucky lately – and even Fri. and Sat. there was not devastating damage – unless it was your house or business. I have two baby squirrels that I am trying to raise. They fell out of the top of a burning tree at our house last Tues. night (long story – involved Fire Dept., etc.) anyway – no one was hurt. The babies seemed to be cushioned by the tree they were inside of. They were not burned. But that morning a squirrel was run over in front of our house – so I was thinking it might have been their mother. They were about 4 weeks old then and didn’t have their eyes open. Now – they are doing well, one opened his eyes this morning. I will let them go when they get where they can find food, etc. I have raised several baby squirrels before. They are pretty cute. I hope all of you who went on a Spring Break trip had fun last week! The weather was pretty good here – if you didn’t get to go to the beach or somewhere like that (except for the storm Fri. night/Sat. morning). It’s hard to get back in the school routine but summer break will be here before you know it. I sprained my ankle last Saturday. Boy was it painful. Saturday night and Sunday were bad. Then my friend, Bertha Walker – Lighthouse Pentecostal – prayed for me and Monday – I was almost well. I thought I was going to have to get crutches Monday – but I was able to walk (carefully) and the pain was gone unless I moved my foot from side to side. Prayer works! Thanks, Bertha! I don’t know how I sprained it, I just stepped down and suddenly it went bad. I hate that! The only other time I had a sprained ankle was when my foot went to sleep at the old IMAX theater and when I stood up at the end of the show, it just turned and went bad immediately. Strange! Go to your happy place! See you next week!