Certificates of Valor Given to Two Brothers and Two Beebe Police Officers for their Acts of Bravery During House Fire

Mar 1st, 2017 | By | Category: Top Story



The Beebe City Council, Mayor Mike Robertson, and Beebe Police Lt. Brian Duke and Chief Wayne Bellew honored four men Monday night during the regular city council meeting. The men, brothers Dylan and Tyler Bevill and Beebe Policemen Stephen Reed and Blake Rogers were given Certificates of Valor for their brave actions during a house fire on Feb. 2, 2017 at 4:25 a.m. at 504 Priest Rd. in Beebe. According to the report which Chief Ballew read to the council, the Bevill brothers and Patrolmen Reed and Rogers entered the burning structure and helped to rescue three occupants inside. “All this,” according to Chief Ballew, “while small explosions were going off inside the house.” The men received a round of applause for their heroism after receiving the certificates. In other action, the council approved the purchase of three more used vehicles for the police department for approx. $12,500-$13,500 each. Lt. Duke will bring specifics of each vehicle to the next meeting. The council approved giving contractor Andrew Spinks 12-mos. to complete his work on the old Powell building on Main Street. Sprinks said that he would have no problem completing the building in that time period. Quinton Eades addressed the council and asked if the council would consider amending the ordinance the city has which states that there is no parking of 18-wheelers on city streets or in driveways. The mayor stated that he was against it and no council member added any support to the action of amending the ordinance which also states there is no parking of private vehicles on city streets. City park manager Lynn Hatcher asked the council to approve hiring six new employees part-time for the spring and summer at $8.50 hr. The council approved. He also asked for permission to complete construction of the new bathroom which is located near the upper fields. The council approved. The council approved Resolution No. 2017-4, the final budget resolution. The council approved. The council was asked to look at certain websites which had guidelines for maintenance of exterior buildings – residential and business – by Code Enforcement officer Milton McCullar. The council will look at them and get back to Milton as to which ones might be adopted by the city. Mayor Robertson said that the water dept. might be moving out of their current location to give room for the city’s police to expand their offices. If citizens want any mulch from what the city gets from their mulching truck, they can call Horace Taylor at the street department. The mulch is free.