What’s Left?

Feb 1st, 2017 | By | Category: Opinion

This has been a trying Tuesday. We were trying to put the paper together and suddenly – coincidentally, I guess – right when a train was passing my office and blowing the horn – my computer screen suddenly developed lines across it. Just lines. Nothing else. Then, upon examination, I realized that part of my computer (a laptop) was pretty hot. Not a good sign. Anyway – after praying and laying on of hands, etc. I called my son, Christian, who came down and got it and put my hard drive into his computer – the reason we bought identical computers a few years back. Now, I know that these things aren’t supposed to last forever – but it was pretty bad luck that it went out on a Tuesday but I am a look at the positive kind of person. So, it really just lost the video card – not the hard drive or it wouldn’t have worked in Christian’s computer. He was able to get it up and running within an hour (can you imagine?). Thank God for my smart son!!!! That was the earlier prayer answered. I just asked God to fix it. I didn’t specify how….why would I? Anyway – turns out that Apple had a recall on this video card and would have replaced it if I had asked before Dec. 31, 2016. Now, I did register it – so I don’t know why I didn’t get a notification from Apple – but I will plea my case in a day or two. All in all – turns out to be an OK day. Thank you, Lord! Another thank you that I have not given is to my sister (who is doing very well after her accident). She and my brother-in-law gave me and mother a Roomba for Christmas. I told her then – after using it for the first time – “I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a better present!” It works very well and is great to help out when you don’t have time to vacuum yourself. Oh – for those of you who don’t know what a Roomba is (iRobot) it is a little round automatic robotic vacuum. They also have floor cleaners – but I don’t know how those work. The vacuum one works very well. I’m really happy with it. It’s not very loud either. Not like a regular vacuum. My cats have gotten used to it, too. Thanks, Tammy and Jim!!!!! (Oh – it is our present for several years to come – birthday and Christmas. We don’t usually spend that much on each other.) Hope you are having a good week! Go to your happy place! See you next week!