What’s Left?

Jan 12th, 2017 | By | Category: Opinion

I hope you are having a great week! This past week I needed something at the grocery store and I thought, “Well, I’ll just run in Knight’s and get this.” Well – no, I didn’t. Knight’s closed Dec. 28th. And the store is closed while Edwards Cash Saver makes renovations for the next week or so. It seems strange to only have one real grocery store in the city again. I guess for many years, we only had Knight’s Grocery. I think when my family first moved here in 1968, there was Adam’s Grocery on W. Center Street and Warren’s Grocery on Main Street. I loved to go to Warren’s Grocery. It was the old-timey kind of grocery store and one of the Warren brothers was the butcher. You could go back to the back of the store and he would cut you whatever kind of meat you wanted. It was a small store – not a lot of selection but really nice people. I long for times like that but I guess if you had a store like that you would have to have some sort of speciality items or you wouldn’t stay in business. I guess they have a few of those in Little Rock – gourmet shops. Anyway, back to the Edwards Cash Saver store. I’ve not heard from any of their people – and I’ve tried to contact them – but I was told that all the food will be listed at cost and then at the cash register you add 10% and that’s what you pay for that item. They have one in Jacksonville and one in Searcy. I haven’t been to one but ours will be open soon. Go to your happy place! See you next week!