The Central Arkansas Trap Shooters Do It Again

Apr 29th, 2015 | By | Category: Sports

By Bob Copeland

Saturday, April the 18th, was the second in a series of three AIM shoots held at Remington Gun Club. Even though the schools had scheduled their ACT Test on the same day, eight members of the C.A.T.S. team competed in the registered shoot. All the athletes competed for the individual awards but to be eligible for team awards, the squads had to be comprised of five shooters. That left us with only one squad of five to compete for the team awards. John Wiens from Cabot and Dylan Watters from Springfield shot with our second squad, Burnin’ Nitro, but that still left us one shooter short. But that did not dampen the spirit of the squad as you will see later.

The weather was nice for once and the only distraction came in the form of several deer feeding and walking back and forth at the far side of the trap fields right in the line of sight of the shooters. It was even hard for the people watching the shoot not to concentrate on the deer rather than the birds being thrown.

At the end of the 100 singles competition, the Nitro Express squad, Ryan Bowen, Clay Smith, Austin Cullum, Slayton Davis and Brandon Robertson, had taken second place in the team event with a score of 462 out of 500. They only missed tying for first place by ten birds. John Wiens took A Class Champ with 97 out of 100, Ryan Bowen took B Class Champ and Singles Champ with 99 out of 100 (he missed the 92nd bird when the deer came out to feed). I guess we will call it “Buck Fever”. Clay Smith took D Class Champ with 92 out of 100. The third place team shot a score of 333 out of 500 and our four person squad Burnin’ Nitro, Roy Stewart, John Wiens, Dylan Watters and Gloria Chavez shot a 363 out of 400 with a 100 bird penalty making their score 363 out of 500. So you see our four person squad outshot the third place five person squad, not bad shooting CATS.

As the day went on the Handicap event produced more wins. Clay Smith was Short Yardage Champ, 96 out of 100, while Dylan Watters was Medium Yardage Champ with 97 out of 100.

The final event was the Doubles event, two birds thrown at the same time and the shooter has two shots to hit them both. You think the movies (“The Fast and Furious”) series has some action, you need to watch these shooters go at this. With the scores in and tallied, John Wiens took A Class Champ with 96 out of 100 and Austin Cullum took B Class Champ with 94 out of 100. Well done Team.

Before we started this shoot, we stopped to give thanks for those who have given us this right we enjoy. From the battlefield of Gettysburg to the beaches of Normandy to the jungles of Vietnam, the mountains of Afghanistan and the deserts of Iraq to the Twin Towers of New York, we salute the men and women who day in and day out serve on the front lines of our Armed Forces, our Police and Fire Departments and especially to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice of their lives to give us our freedom and continue to keep us free. The Central Arkansas Trap Shooters salute and thank you from the bottom of our hearts and pray for your safe return home at the end of your tour or shift.