What’s Left?

Feb 25th, 2015 | By | Category: Opinion

Well – here we are again – freezing rain, sleet and snow!  You know we were pretty lucky through Nov., Dec. and Jan. – so now we’re paying for it. This may continue for the next couple of weeks. At least that is what the weather pattern is looking like. We will persevere and as I’ve said in the past – we have nothing to complain about after looking at what the poor Northeast has gone through this winter. So we’ll keep our fingers crossed that we will have higher temperatures and low amounts of whatever precipitation we get.

Beebe Schools were not in session four out of five days last week and they have been closed Monday and Tuesday this week. Kids – be prepared to stay in school into the summer – so enjoy these snow days!

I really enjoyed watching the Oscars the Sunday night. I had only seen one of the movies – the Grand Budapest Hotel show – and I didn’t really like it that much. But it was interesting to see the winners and hear their acceptance speeches. This year it seemed a little better to me since several of the actors promoted  health issues and social issues.

Also on TCM (Turner Classic Movies) they were showing – on that Sunday and possibly earlier, I just didn’t know it – movies from years past that were 4-star movies. I taped several of them and will watch them someday….

It has been difficult keeping up with feeding the birds that come to visit our house. It has been so cold – in the 20’s – that I try to keep plenty of food out for them but with 3 different feeding areas – it has been tough. But I believe the birds appreciate it. Today I heard a little Chickadee making a singing sound that I have never heard. Perhaps it is what they regularly sing – but mostly I’ve only heard their little aggravated sound they make because I haven’t gotten the food out there in time for the little dickens.

I’ve also been having fun downloading several new iPhone apps. There are apps for everything. Now all I have to do is find time to enjoy them.

Go to your happy (warm) place!

See you next week!