What’s Left?

Aug 20th, 2014 | By | Category: Opinion

Well, summer is really over – maybe not officially- Autumn officially begins Sept. 23rd – but since school started this week – it is, in reality, over for most of us. And this week may end up being the hottest week of the summer. We had a big rain storm yesterday (Monday) afternoon and then another one here this morning but the daytime temps are getting up in the high 90’s. We’ll see how hot it gets. But, fortunately, all our schools have air conditioning now.

I went to Open House at Beebe Schools last week and it was fun. Kids were so excited to see their classrooms and meet their teachers. It was fun to see them so excited.

For me, back to school time is also a time to rearrange my schedule – or at least give it some thought. I know the school kids have to do that to fit in study time and time for special events at school. But for me – since I’m not in school – it is a time that reminds me that I’m spending too much time on some things and not enough on other things. When I evaluate the things that I spend my time on, I try to carve out the inefficiencies and try to find some lost time to spend on more productive things and time to finish projects that have been sitting in the closet for some time.  I think the hardest thing for me to budget time on is reading. First – I cannot see unless I have perfect light and my glasses on. So, that limits where I can read. Second – I have lots of problems sitting still and reading for any length of time (over 30 min). So, I have to be doing something else while I am reading – like letting my nails dry, letting one of my cats sit in my lap (it’s hard to schedule lap time for multiple cats). So, if I’m reading a book – I have to figure out some other thing to be doing at the same time. That’s not easy. And, I just recently read somewhere that if you have trouble concentrating on what you are reading – it’s helpful to read aloud. So, I need to do that. The cats don’t mind but they think I am speaking to them – but they like that. But you do have to read aloud where you won’t disturb someone else.   So, I need to do that. Right now, I just finish all my cat chores and it’s time for bed. I need to speed up – slim down  the time it takes to do my cat chores. But there are some things that just take a certain amount of time. I’m always thinking about how I can do things faster but so far haven’t figured out how to shave any appreciable amount of time yet. But I’m still hopeful.

With back to school comes the new football season and I know so many people are excited about that. I bet we will have a great new season! Go Badgers!

I hope you’re off to a great new school year!

Go to your happy place.

See you next week.