Search Warrant Nets Additional Charges for Beebe Woman

Jul 30th, 2014 | By | Category: News and Features

Beebe Police Chief Wayne Ballew released the following information regarding felony drug charges on a local woman.  On Sunday, June  29th, 2014, Investigator Josh Middleton and Patrol Officer Quintin Eads effected the arrest of Tifani T. Fowler, 32, at her residence on Elm Street in Beebe.   A felony warrant had  been issued for Fowler’s arrest for “Maintaining a Drug Premises”.  The officers viewed what was suspected to be drug paraphernalia in the residence at the time of her arrest.

The Searcy Department of Human Services (DHS) were notified of the arrest and suspected drug paraphernalia and dispatched a Case Worker to the scene. As a result, Fowler’s two small children (both under the age of 3) were taken into DHS custody. Fowler was removed from her home and taken to the White County Detention Center and incarcerated in lieu of a $5000.00 bond regarding the drug premises warrant. She later was released after posting the bond. Investigator Middleton secured Fowler’s residence and posted additional officers on the property as he returned to the B.B.P.D. to accomplish an Affidavit for Search Warrant based on the suspected drug paraphernalia. Subsequently, a Search Warrant was issued for Fowler’s home. Investigator Middleton, Officer Eads and other officers of the police department executed the warrant and found various items of additional drug paraphernalia and suspected controlled substances.

An additional Affidavit for Arrest was accomplished by Investigator Middleton which resulted in a bench warrant for Fowler’s arrest with a  $20,000.00 bond.  On Friday, July 25th, 2014, at  approximately 2:16 p.m., Captain Eddie Cullum, accompanied by Investigator Misty Goss, stopped Fowler driving a 1997 Ford Expedition at the intersection of Elm and West Center Street. Captain Cullum was aware of the additional warrant.  After confirming the second warrant, Tifani T. Fowler was again arrested and transported to the White County Detention Center incarcerated in lieu of bond. Charges on the second warrant include: “Possession of a Schedule II Controlled

Substance-“Oxycodone”, “Possession of a Schedule VI Controlled Substances-“Marijuana”, “Possession of drug Paraphenalia” (3 counts), a felony count of “Endangering the welfare of a minor” and “Use of a communication device.