What’s Left?

Jul 30th, 2014 | By | Category: Opinion

I am sad this week at the loss of my friend, Dr. Ruth Couch.  But I am not alone – there are so many people here in Beebe and around the state – that called Dr. Ruth Couch their friend.

I first met Dr. Couch many years ago when she was my instructor at ASU-Beebe in Literature. She was a great teacher. She could make you feel like you were in one of those great stories. And to top that – she had a very unique dry wit that would catch you off guard as you looked at this very proper woman and never expected her to say something that made you laugh out loud.

But it was not just that. She had a deep compassion for all things living – people and animals. Over the years she had dogs and could be seen walking – or being dragged – by two of her big dogs down the streets of her neighborhood. She would often laugh about this and say her dogs took her for a walk.

Dr. Couch was such a sensitive person. When someone around her was hurting – she could feel it. When someone was happy – she would laugh out loud with you. She was an avid reader and in years past she would send in book reviews for me to publish. I loved to do it as people really enjoyed reading the reviews.

She and I shared some of the same things: she was basically a vegetarian and so am I. Once she told me that half of her family never ate beef – and she didn’t either.  And we both absolutely love dogs and cats. Dr. Couch was more of a dog person – but still loved cats, too.

Several years ago, I had responded in the paper to a Letter to the Editor that I received by publishing a rebuttle underneath it. The next time I saw Dr. Couch she came up to me and said, “I just loved your response to the Letter. You answered each charge one-by-one just perfectly.” I responded to her by saying, “Well, I can die now.” She had this bewildered look on her face and I explained, “A compliment like that from you is the ultimate compliment. I’ll never receive another one that I value more.”  She laughed.  She was so humble in all that she did and was open to help anyone that needed it.

I can’t help but think what the world would be like if everyone was more like Dr. Couch.  I know I will miss knowing that she is in town and I could call her and ask her a question about this, that or the other.

I’m happy that I knew her and I hope she knows what a wonderful influence she had on countless students and friends.

Rest in peace.

Go to your happy place!

See you next week.