Very Concerned Citizens about Bicyclist on Highway 31 North

Jun 5th, 2014 | By admin | Category: Opinion

For the past few year’s people riding bicycles on Highway 31 North to and from Beebe have become more and more popular which has brought up several critical safety issues. The bicyclist and their bikes do not have adequate reflectors or other safety equipment to help identify them when riding on Highway 31 North. This issue is even more dangerous when they are riding early in the morning when visibility is low. The highway’s hills and blinding curves do not give the vehicles enough time to see the bicyclist. Another issue that started this year is that some bicyclists are riding against traffic, causing more concern in riding on Highway 31 North. The highway has narrow bridges, no warning signs posted for drivers to watch out for bicycles and no shoulder area to allow a bicycle lane or to help give room for the bicyclist. We concerned citizens hope that this will be read and others understand that riding bicycles on Highway 31 North is a very dangerous situation. Our only reason for writing this is to help save lives or possible injury to bicyclist and drivers. Many close calls have already been seen on Highway 31 North. Need help NOW so maybe in the future we will not have regrets for ignoring this problem.

Concerned Citizens of Highway 31 North