What’s Left?

Jun 5th, 2014 | By admin | Category: Opinion

I hope you’re having a good start to summer - even though the weather has been crazy and the kids are still in school until this Friday.

Now that “American Idol” and “The Voice” are done for the season - we’ve been looking for other interesting tv shows to watch. I really like “American Ninja Warrior” - which started a week or so ago. Last night (Monday) it was a two-hour competition and took place in Dallas, TX. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a competition with mostly men - but a few women - who go through these obstacle type courses. Then those winners will compete in the finals. I think at every venue the  obstacle course is different but they are always difficult. The ones that usually do the best are rock climbers because they have good upper body strength and their hands have a lot of grip strength. Anyway, last night a woman made it through the course for the first time. It was great. She was 5’0 and weighed 100 lbs. The thing she had the most problem with was what they called the “warped wall” which is a curved wall of 14’ high. This 5’0 lady had to get a running start they would get her half way up the wall then jump to grab the top and pull herself up. She did it on the second try. They get three tries. Several of the men made it through the course but didn’t make it up the warped wall. It’s fun to watch. I think about 15 years ago - I would have wanted to compete in it but they didn’t have it until two or three years ago - as far as I know. It’s fun to watch and is on Monday nights on NBC. Last night they had two Arkansas contestants - one from Ft. Smith and one from Clinton. They didn’t make it.  If you get used to watching it you can see that the contestants that study those that go before them sometimes (often) do better because they can see the technique that is used to successfully maneuver through the course. Next Monday night they will be in St. Louis.  I wish we could make a course like that and put it at the park…wouldn’t that be fun?

Another fun show is the “Last Comic Standing” which is also on Monday nights. Now, warning, some of the jokes are off-color - but most of them are just funny. They have lots of comics that do their routine and 3 judges decide if they go on to the finals. Not sure about when the finals are or how many make it to the finals. But watching it last night, I laughed out loud several times at some of the comedians. I can hardly imagine what it would be like to be a professional comedian - booking shows and hoping to advance to higher venues. Weird.

On to other things. Last week I saw two snakes on our property. They were both non-poisonous but it just gives me the creeps to see a snake.  I don’t necessarily want to kill them but I just want them to stay away from my yard. I put out some snake repellant around the fence boundary - hoping that I wasn’t keeping them in instead of out. We’ll see. I’m ready for normal weather - small amount of rain and just getting on with the summer.

Go to your happy (funny) place.

See you next week!