What’s Left?

May 21st, 2014 | By admin | Category: Opinion

I attended graduation last Friday night - as usual. It was a happy time - especially since the weather was nice - but unseasonably cool. I think, as I’m standing there between taking pictures - wondering what the grads are thinking about and where the future will take each of them. Some will have success beyond imagination and some will have a life that might not be what they had hoped. But my hope for each of them is that they will remember fondly their time here in Beebe and that they have learned what they need to be competitive in the international marketplace. I know this is a milestone for parents as they mark off what they wish for their children to accomplish: high school graduation, college graduation, nice job in their career field of choice, marriage, children, etc. I’m sure all these things were going through the minds of parents and to some extent - the graduates.  It was a long road for them and now they begin a new journey. We wish them the best.

On to other things. You know, the best thing about advertisements on television is that sometimes they are better than the actual programming you are watching. I was thinking about some of the weird commercials that I love. One is now showing and it is for Sprint (usually I can’t even tell you what they are advertising - just the advertisement itself).

Anyway - I love this one. It has about 3 variations. It has a family or framily as they call it. The “dad” is a hamster in a rolling ball (don’t know what they call those) and one of the children is a little blonde-haired girl with cartoon bluebirds flying around her head and every time she speaks she speaks French - even though everyone else speaks English - including the hamster. And then there is Gor-don! The weird character who looks like everyones nightmare of an intrusive neighbor. It is a funny commercial.

The other one that is playing now is the one where two guys get in a Volkswagen Jetta (I think) and the driver puts a “Learn Spanish” CD in the player. Then 738 miles later (or something like that because the Jetta goes that far on a tank of gas) the two stop to fill up and the passenger is griping about no music for the past 13 hrs. and he is speaking perfect Spanish and the driver also answers him in perfect Spanish. Funny!

I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend coming up!

Go to your happy place!

See you next week!