Beebe City Council Looks at Street Paving; Hires Employees; Meets New Firemen

May 21st, 2014 | By admin | Category: News and Features



The Beebe City Council met Monday night, May 19,  for their monthly meeting - one week early due to a scheduling conflict. Becky Short and Harold Welch were absent from the meeting.

Beebe Fire Chief William Nick introduced two new firemen to join the Beebe Volunteer Fire department. “I am really proud that we have both of these guys,” Chief Nick said. Christopher Goforth comes with 9 years experience in fire service and 5 years experience with EMS. Patrick Valadies is new to fire fighting and both of these men just finished an 8-week course at the Fire Academy.

In personnel issues, the council approved hiring Trish Jackson as head dispatcher with a pay raise from $9.84 to $10.34; hiring of Catherine Elgin as a dispatcher at $9.56; hiring Misty Perkins as Court Clerk at $14.88 hr.; Whitney Weeds as asst. Court Clerk at $10.51 hr; and two part-time workers for the parks - Shawn Mantooth at $10. hr and Casey Mantooth as part-time concession worker at $8.50 hr - thru ball season.

The 2014 street paving suggestion include: So. Cypress from Center to Main; Offspring Rd. from Hwy. 64 to Duane St.; Duane St from Dugger Rd. to last year’s stopping point; North Apple St. from Mahoney Dr. to DeWitt Henry Dr. and West Illinois St. from Center St. to Main St.  Possible chip-sealing over existing gravel projects include: E. Georgia St., S. Cedar St. and Apple Blossom Rd. The mayor will seek bids on all of these projects.

The council was given a report on the number of dogs which have been adopted from the Beebe Animal Shelter. At the beginning of the month there were 28 dogs with 26 new dogs being added. Thirty-seven dogs were adopted by the end of the month. There are currently 17 dogs in the shelter. A big “Thanks!’ goes to Kim Weeks who has worked very hard to make sure the dogs get adopted.

Three ordinances were introduced and passed which rezone certain properties. Two properties at 321 and 323 So. Main were rezone from C2 to R3 and two properties at 403 and 405 So. Main were rezoned from R2 to R3.

The council discussed that a final plat had been approved on Terrace Meadows Phase I back in Oct. 2010 and that plat had been recorded with the circuit clerk but the city has not accepted dedication. This step had apparently been overlooked and the mayor wanted to get things set straight. “Everything looks good out there except one little spot on that first curve when you are coming into the subdivision,” Mayor Robertson said. City attorney Barrett Rogers told the council that he could draw up a draft for the next meeting with a less and except clause regarding the small problem area.

Mayor Robertson told the council that concrete will be poured this week for the stage at the ballpark which will be used this 4th of July. He said that everything is on track for the big city-sponsored fireworks event.

Beebe City Fire Chief William Nick spoke to the council and mayor thanking them for the time and effort put forth in the Act 833 lawsuit. “I think the mayor was correct in that we should received money based on our population,” stated Chief Nick. “I appreciate your time spent on this pursuit.”

“We did spend many hours on this and it had gotten out of hand,” stated Mayor Robertson. “I blame the Dept. of Finance for too much variance over the years and being unwilling to correct this. No one in public office wanted to touch this and it will remain as is if nothing else is done.”

“In 1990 the CICC (County Intergovernmental Cooperation Council)  performed their authority correctly then for 10 years you could pledge and finance those funds for equipment. In 2000 the CICC did correctly and then in 2010 it is unsure and can be changed every 30 days or whatever depending on the powers that be. We cannot pledge or get financing. The citizens of Beebe and Searcy will get the least amount - it will not be distributed per capita. Some cities may get $8.00 per capita and some might get $24.00 per capita.  It may get changed if some are not fearing for their political future.”