School Board Sees Plans for 9-10 Cafeteria; Adopts New Fundraising Policy

May 15th, 2014 | By admin | Category: Education



The Beebe School Board met Monday night for their regular monthly meeting. In the informational section of the meeting, the board heard from Jon Pendergrass of Kelly Services. He spoke to the board about possibly providing the district with substitute teachers and other workers in order to cover the employee with insurance and other benefits offered by Kelly Services. The board took no action.  In other informational reports, the board heard from architect John McMorran with Lewis, Elliott, McMorran regarding the 9-10 cafeteria. The plans are not yet complete but currently the goal is to keep the building at 10,000 sq. ft. or less and locate it at the East end of the 9-10 building.  The topic will come up again at the next regular board meeting.  The last informational report was from Karen McElwain, with Cenergistics and Jean Stark, the district’s energy specialist. Ms. McElwain presented a report generated by her company which showed statistics from Feb. of 2011 thru March of 2014 that the district has saved $727,359 through behavior based energy conservation. Our district saved 31% in energy costs vs. Cenergistic’s average customer’s savings of 26%. “You are doing phenomenal,” stated McElwain.

The expected energy costs during that period from Feb. 2011 thru March 2014 was expected to be $2,350,159 and the actual energy costs were $1,622,800. The greenhouse gas reduction was 28,339 MMBTU or the equivalent of 102 passenger cars not drive for one year  and 12,605 tree seedlings grown for 10 years.

In personnel matters, the board approved:

Resignations - David Payne, Jane Pruitt and Tracy Cox (May 30).

Transfers - Jamie Jenkins to Beebe Elementary and Melissa Jackson as part-time grounds.

Employment- Wendy Joice, Special Ed 11-12; James (Tyler) Woods - Soccer  Coach/P.E. Instructor; Jerry Price, Sr. Football/Wrestling/Health P.E. Instructor. Increase Carla Choate’s contract to 228 days and voted to pay Jerry Jordan for 5 vacation days.

In action items, the board:

•  Approved the Classified Salary Schedule and Stipend Schedule

•  Approved a new fundraiser policy which would allow only one fundraiser per group and require submission of a form which would have to be approved by the Fundraiser Committee.

•  Approved summer maintenance plans presented by Mr. Crisco - which included painting the Jr. High building, spot painting throughout the campus, reworking the carpentry shop, street repairs with concrete

•  Approved purchasing surveillance cameras for 9-10, 11-12 and entrances to campus at a cost of $59,547.00 and the TLI (testing and assesment program) for 2014-15 at a cost of $69,000.