What’s Left?

Apr 23rd, 2014 | By admin | Category: Opinion

I remember several years ago when I avoided watching the news on television. It’s easier to see what is going on by reading the newspaper and you have more of a choice of what goes into your head. Here lately, I’ve been watching CNN, local news and then when I want more info - I read the newspaper. Quite frankly - it’s depressing. When all you hear (see) is disasters, loss of life, and just heart-wrenching stories - it can be darn depressing. I’m about to go back to my reading the news only scenario. I believe you can’t just stick your head in the sand but there is no reason to just keep feeding negative things into your brain. It doesn’t make good sense. Back in the old days - before television (and before my time) - you only had radio and newspapers and so you weren’t inundated with bad news. I believe our minds just can’t take that much negative stuff. And then you put on top of that watching those action-packed shows on television with lots of violence - it’s just too much for people. They may not know it - but I believe it is taking a toll on everyone who does that. I basically watch documentaries that are not about horrible happenings, 30-min. sit-coms and those cooking or home improvement shows. I don’t even watch those nature shows because they usually have too much violence in them.  That’s just my take on the way things are today. We escape some of the violence of everyday life by living in Beebe and fortunately missing out on some of the violence that big cities have to face. I’m sure glad of that.  So, I will see how I feel after not watching the national and local news and just reading about it.

Go to your happy place.

See you next week!