What’s Left?

Apr 10th, 2014 | By admin | Category: Opinion

I think one of the most interesting and gratifying things about having lots of cats (and I don’t recommend it for most people - 2 to 4 is enough) is watching how they interact with each other. I have one old male cat that I rescued from downtown and he was all scarred up, missing part of an ear and just pretty old looking. When I caught him it was an accident. I had a trap out trying to catch a young cat that I wanted to save. But when I went back in an hour to check on the trap - there sat “Brown Kitty.”  He looked embarrassed that he was caught in a trap but was too noble to try and get out. I didn’t know if he would bite me or scratch me - but I opened the trap and he slowly just sauntered out. I picked him up, took him home and he has been with me ever since - about 3 years. He can’t seem to see out of one eye and because of this, I think, he reaches his paw out to touch me every time I pass him. Unfortunately, he usually has his claws out. But he doesn’t mean to hurt me. Anyway, this old male cat is pretty much friends with all my cats - the young ones and old ones - male and female. It is really amazing how they all get along. And I have some cats that should get along but they just won’t let themselves. They get into trouble at every turn. But it is funny watching them and thinking about how similar they are to us. Some of us are all freaked out and ready to jump on someone for the least little thing and others of us are just laid back and let things go. I think we can all learn from this. I know I’m trying to learn to be more laid back.

Go to your happy place. See you next week.