Mayor Says, “Call Water Dept.” Regarding Complaints About Water Line Work Around Town

Apr 10th, 2014 | By admin | Category: News and Features

Mayor and Council have nothing to do with contracted water work in city, says mayor



Frustrated - that’s the bottom line on the way the Mayor says he feels after fielding about 30 phone calls from disgruntled citizens last weekend. “It’s unbelieveable,” stated Mayor Mike Robertson in an interview Tuesday morning. “We’ve had people from all over town calling us and asking, ‘When is the city coming back to repair our yard?’ I tell them that it is not the city but the water department they need to be calling.”

Mayor Robertson says he is frustrated that there are so many people that are having problems with the crew that is in the city replacing old water lines.

“I just want the citizens to know that the City of Beebe, Mayor and Council have nothing to do with this,” Robertson said. “It is wholly under the water department and they need to call them and talk to the manager, Tommy Jackson or they can call the Water and Sewer Commission Chairman John Hayes.”

When contacted Tuesday morning, John Hayes explained that he would be glad to talk to anyone about the work being done and they can even call him at home. He said the work is divided into three parts.

“The first part is to run a water line to hook onto the Greers Ferry water line where we will get 10% of our water. We spent $1 million to do this and it will serve our city’s needs for the next 75 years.  The second part is to replace all our old cast iron pipes. That portion is 90% complete,” Hayes said. “These new lines will help prevent leaks like we’ve had with our old pipes and will help the water taste better.  The third part is to replace our meters with radio-read meters. This will help keep our cost down. We are 50% complete with this project,” Hayes added.

“This is progress and it takes time,” Hayes said. “It is our responsibility - not the city’s - and we will fix and repair all the areas reported to the water department,” Hayes said. “This is the coldest and wettest winter we’ve had in 30-years and it has put us a little behind but as soon as it dries out - we will get these things taken care of.”

“When we finish this work, we will have the only town of our size to have the most up-to-date water system in Arkansas,” Hayes said. “I ask for the patience of our citizens.”   The Beebe Water Department’s phone number is 882-6438.