What’s Left?

Apr 3rd, 2014 | By admin | Category: Opinion

Well - it’s back to school this week for all the kids. I know the parents are probably happy. Hope you all had a good spring break!

Mom’s little dog, Lil!

Mom’s little dog, Lil!

The other day I was watching my mom’s dog, Lil, as she pranced around the door as she waited for my mom to go outside with her. My mom had put on her gardening gloves and was going out to prune the roses and Lil knows when she sees mom put on her gloves that the two of them are going to get to stay outside for awhile. It was so funny watching her jump up and down and turn round and round with excitement. Then when the two of them went outside, I watched as mom walked across the yard and Lil right beside her periodically dropping down to the grass and rolling - then getting back up and catching up  with mom. She did this about 10 times while I was watching. Dogs are so funny. They can show the epitome of pure joy. Cats, on the other hand,  barely show you if they are happy. Now - kittens kind of show joy- but then as they get older they learn that it is not cat-like to show that much enthusiasm. The best they can usually do is purrr. Now I’m not downplaying purring - it’s a great thing. But you just won’t see too many cats jumping up and down when they see you come in the door from work - unless you’re dangling a mouse.

Go to your happy place.

See you next week!