Beebe School Board Approves Location of New 9-10 Cafeteria “Snow days” will be made up at end of school

Mar 13th, 2014 | By admin | Category: Education



The Beebe School Board met Monday night for their regular monthly meeting.

Mary Coile-Freeman of the Beebe Soccer Assoc. spoke to the board on the benefits of the school implementing a new soccer program for the district. Track Coach Mark Pinkerton spoke to the board about the effects the possible soccer program would have on other spring sports.

After much discussion among the board members - which were pro-soccer, the board approved starting a soccer program. They will let the newly appointed Athletic Director Chris Ellis take care of the details of getting it started.

In personnel issues,  the board approved the following:

Resignations -  Leslie L. Snyder, Aerospace Science Instructor; Valerie Dean, Prek paraprofessional; Vickie Fowlkes, Middle School Teacher; Kim Cox, Beebe Elementary Teacher; LeNell Keith, Parent Coordinator; Julie Henry, Early Childhood Teacher; Hollye Griffith, Early Childhood Teacher; Jody Woodard, High School 11-12 Teacher; Janie Cunningham Secondary Music Teacher and Bo Beckham, Maintenance.

Employ New Staff – Kent Commuso, Custodian; Chris Ellis, Athletic Director; Ashley Smith, Junior High Mathematics

Changes to Contracts – Theresa Gilliam, contract 245 days; Amber Crum, contract 197 days; Transfer Rachel Herndon to APSCN Administrative Assistant with Curriculum and Instruction.

In Action Items, the board took the following action:

•  Approved selling high mileage, old school buses. There are three buses: a 1997 model with 226,914 miles and a bad engine; a 1995 model with 134,222 miles and bad brakes and trans., and a 1991 model with 151, 123 miles with a bad engine.

•  Approved a one-year contract with Fedelity toincrease bandwidth for the district. There will be a $2,500 installation fee and it will cost $2,490 per mo. The district will be reimbursed for 75% of that from ERATE.

•  Approved the implementation of a Food Pantry on the district campus. Board member Janet Hines presented the proposal as she has much experience with food pantries. Mrs. Hines and a school committee met with Diane Williams from Ark. Food Bank. The board approved the request and voiced their concern about hungry families within the district. The school currently has a Backpack program whereby school children can take home food for their families. The  on campus pantry will make it easier for counselors to send home food with the students.

•  As stated above - the board approved implementing a soccer program. They are leaving the details and planning up to the new Athletic Director Chris Ellis.

•  Approved the location of the new 9-10 cafeteria. The board approved having the cafeteria at the east end of the 9-10 building. The board agreed to add the enlargement of the arena to the district’s Master Plan and to have an alternate bid on air conditioning the arena when the cafeteria is constructed. After the bids - the board will decide if the air conditioning is viable at this point.

•  In purchases over $10,000, the board approved the following: to pay Wilbur Mills Coop -$24,720 Professional Development ategorical funds; Buses to Space Camp $14,229.20; CDW-G Chromebooks out of Title I and NSLA funds $109,234.11 and to purchase a new Grasshopper mower for $17,684.87.

Dr. Shook spoke about making up the missed days due to the weather this school year and stated that the PPC has decided to add the days onto the end of school. She said that so far our last day will be June 5th.