What’s Left?

Mar 6th, 2014 | By admin | Category: Opinion

I’m trying to type with one hand while one cat is resting on my left arm and another is leaning up against my laptop. One other cat is laying on my leg and another is resting against my pillow. Oh yeah- did I say that I’m sitting in bed working on my laptop?  The cats make it difficult. My dad could type almost as fast with two fingers as he could with both hands and he was a fast typist. I never understood how he could do that or how it ever came about that he developed the two finger skill. Very strange. I bet it started as a bet….wish I had asked him.

Did you watch the Oscars? I did ….mostly.  I tend to get bored but it was pretty good.  I havent seen any of the movies….waiting on them to come out on dvd.

OK- so how long will the kids be going to school this summer? We’ve had to miss two days this week - Mon. and Tues.   Not sure about Wed. - the temps are about 34 right now (Tues.) so it will melt some - but tomorrow morning - it could be ice again. So thankful that we did not lose power. Very thankful about that and sorry for those who did.  Come on Spring!!!!

In this issue of The Beebe News on the back page (Pg. 10) I have the story of Myron “Popeye” Fuller. It’s a story of how he was a consultant on the “American Hustle” movie which was nominated for several Oscars - and has received many other awards. But it is also a story of how a man who graduated from Beebe High School - rose through the ranks of the FBI and played a major role in a high profile sting which was very effective in taking several political figures and organized crime figures off the streets and in prison. It is amazing to me that this man from here accomplished so much in his career and is still doing many things to help in the security industry and in helping out in under privileged areas of Asia.  I was very excited to speak with Mr. Fuller through email. He is a very interesting person who has led a life that most of us only see on television. I hope you take the time to read the story.  Thanks again to Mr. Fuller for sharing his story with us.