Beebe Police Announce Recent Drug Arrests

Feb 27th, 2014 | By admin | Category: News and Features

Beebe Police Chief Wayne Ballew released the following regarding recent drug arrests in Beebe:

January 5th, 2014} Beebe Patrol Officer Justin Lee conducted a traffic stop on a white Dodge Durango. Joseph S. Rodgers, 35, of Judsonia was a passenger in the vehicle. Rodgers was found to have an active misdemeanor warrant out of Judsonia and was arrested on the warrants. A subsequent search of Rodgers produced a plastic bag with five (5) tablets identified by Lee as the schedule III drug “Lorazepam”. Rodgers was charged with “Possession of a controlled substance” and incarcerated in the White County Detention Center in lieu of a $2,270.00 bond. Judsonia was advised of the arrest.

January 11th, 2014} Beebe Investigator Josh Middleton conducted a traffic stop on a 1992 Chevrolet pick-up for Impeding to flow of traffic and for the driver not wearing a seat belt. The traffic stop was made on West DeWitt Henry Drive. Johnny C. Austin, 21, of Beebe was the driver of the vehicle and Middleton found that Austin’s driver’s license were suspended. Probable cause was established and a K-9 search on the exterior of the pickup resulted in an alert by K-9 “Owen”. Subsequently a search of the vehicle produced a bag with white powder residue.  Austin was cited for the traffic violations and for “Possession of drug paraphernalia”. Captain Eddie Cullum, Investigator Brent Shippee and Ptl Officer Misty Goss assisted Middleton as the K-9 search was accomplished.

January 19th, 2014} Shawn Wayne Smith, 30, of Beebe was arrested by Lieutenant Brian Duke after Lt. Duke responded to a domestic disturbance at the Maplewood apartments in Beebe. Smith was involved in the disturbance and when entered into the ACIC/NCIC by police dispatch, it was found that Smith had several outstanding felony warrants out of Pulaski County. Subsequent investigation led to the seizure of suspected methamphetamine and a glass pipe with suspected methamphetamine residue. Smith was transported to the White County Detention Center and incarcerated for “Possession of methamphetamine” and “Possession of methamphetamine paraphernalia” with a bond of $50,000.00.

January 20th, 2014} Beebe Investigator Josh Middleton was patrolling Highway 31 South when he observed a Chevrolet Trail Blazer south bound which displayed expired vehicle license. A traffic stop was accomplished and the driver was identified as Tommy S. Pickel, 23, of Ward. Ward advised Middleton that his driver’s license were “expired” and he could not produce valid insurance or registration on the vehicle. Middleton had Pickel entered into the ACIC/NCIC computer through radio dispatch and was advised that Pickel was wanted on a felony probation violation out of Prairie County and that his driver’s license were suspended. Pickel was placed under arrest and a wrecker was summoned to the scene. During the inventory search of the vehicle a small pipe with suspected marijuana residue was located in the center console of the vehicle. Pickel was cited for “Possession of drug paraphernalia” and for the traffic violations. He was later released to the Prairie

County Sheriff’s Office.

February 8th, 2014} Investigator Josh Middleton accomplished a traffic stop on a station wagon for a lane violation. The stop was made near the intersection of Main and Dewitt Henry Drive. The driver of the vehicle was found to be Cody Allen Thompson, 22, of Beebe. During the course of the stop a hand rolled cigar was removed from the ash tray of the vehicle and found to contain suspected marijuana. Thompson was cited “Possession of a controlled substance”.

February 9th, 2014} The White County Sheriff’s Office notified the Beebe Police Department to be on the lookout for a red Chevrolet pickup with license plate number: 929 TJO and identified the driver as Lance J. Thomas, 45, of Beebe. According to the information from the sheriff’s office, Thomas had been involved in a domestic disturbance outside the City of Beebe on Highway 31 North and the fact that the sheriff’s office and Searcy Police Department had outstanding misdemeanor warrants for Thomas’s arrest.  At 3:54 p.m., Investigator Josh Middleton located Thomas in the vehicle in the parking lot of “Knights Super Foods” on Dewitt Henry Drive. He was subsequently arrested for the warrants. An inventory search of the vehicle produced two plastic bags of suspected marijuana.  He was cited for “Possession of a controlled substance” by Middleton and then released to the White County Sheriff’s Office regarding the outstanding warrants. Assisting in the

incident were Beebe Ptl. Officer Misty Goss and Deputy Toler of the White County Sherriff’s Office.

February 14th, 2014} Ptl. Officer Justin Lee responded to a call of a suspicious vehicle ,said to be a white Nissan sedan, in the parking lot of Fred’s on Dewitt Henry Drive. Lieutenant Brian Duke and Investigator Brett Shippee responded as back up officers for Lee. Contact was made with the vehicle and subsequently Brian M. Holden, 27, of McRae, a passenger in the Nissan, was arrested for “Possession of a controlled substance” and “Possession of drug paraphernalia” after he was found to have vegetation believed to be marijuana, two types of prescription medication in an unlabeled bottle and a hypodermic syringe. Holden was incarcerated in the White County Detention Center in lieu of a $9,555.00 bond.

February 17th, 2014} Investigator Josh Middleton conducted a traffic stop on a 1997 Chevrolet Suburban towing a U-Haul trailer on U.S. Highway 64 West for not having brake lights. Subsequent investigation led to the seizure of two bags of a crystalline substance which tested positive for methamphetamine. The driver of the vehicle, Joel C. Boyd, 40, of Beebe, was charged with “D.W.I./Drugs”, “Driving on a suspended license”, “No proof of insurance”, “Possession of methamphetamine” and “Possession of methamphetamine Paraphernalia”. The front seat passenger, Georgia M. Price, 38, will also be facing felony charges of “Possession of methamphetamine”, Possession of drug paraphernalia” and “Tampering with physical evidence”. Boyd was incarcerated in the White County detention center in lieu of a $50,000 bond. Price requested an ambulance take her to the White County Hospital after she stated she needed medical attention. She was later released by the hospital.

Felony warrants on Price will be sought for the charges stated. Ptl Officer Misty Goss assisted Middleton with the investigation.

February 22nd, 2014} At 2:27 a.m., Beebe Ptl. Officer Robert Puckett attempted to accomplish a traffic stop on a 1997 Ford Thunderbird after the officer observed the vehicle run the stop sign at the intersection of the Hwy 67/167 #28 exit ramp. The vehicle proceeded over the 67/167 overpass and then entered the south bound ramp of 67/167 #28 south bound towards Ward. Puckett had turned on his blue lights and the vehicle failed to yield and appeared to be fleeing from the Beebe Patrol Unit. Several lane violations were observed by Puckett and at one point the vehicle had left the pavement and drove onto the shoulder of the highway. After reaching speeds above 90 m.p.h., the vehicle finally stopped on 67/167 after traveling approximately 2 miles.  The subsequent investigation led to the arrest of the driver identified as Daniel S. Hayes, 22, of Cabot for “D.W.I.”, “Fleeing in a Vehicle”, Reckless Driving” and for the stop sign violation. As Hayes was

taken into custody and searched, a zip-lock plastic bag containing two additional bags of tablets were found in a pants pocket of Hayes. The additional bag contained ten (10) tablets each of a substance believed to be the schedule II controlled substance “MDMA” or street term “Ecstasy”.  Additional felony chargee of “Possession of a schedule II narcotic drug with purpose to deliver” and “Possession of drug paraphernalia”.  Hayes was incarcerated at the White County Detention Center in lieu of a $22,050.00. $433.00 in cash was also seized by Puckett.