What’s Left?

Feb 20th, 2014 | By admin | Category: Opinion

I feel for our friends up in the northeast who have been suffering with snowfall for - it seems like - the whole winter. They, like the rest of us, are counting the days until Spring. But, just like it always is around here - with good weather comes the threat of severe weather. We are having warm weather this week and we have a threat of severe weather this Thursday. Let’s pray that it does not materialize.  When thinking about the weather - just think about all the people it affects! It has a ripple effect on the economy and that is something that we don’t need right now. It is tough. But, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel right now - as good weather is just a few weeks away!

I’m not sure how much longer the kids are going to have to go to school to make up for snow days. I think we had two days built into the calendar - but I think they’ve missed more. Maybe they can do it online….ha!

Speaking of online - could you have imagined a few years ago the things you can do on the internet now. Just talking with someone (by email) or Skype or other means - watching live webcams of almost anywhere in the world. It’s just something I would never have imagined. It is something that you probably on some Sci-Fi shows 20 years ago. I can’t wait to see what the next big invention will be. It’s exciting. Maybe someone from Beebe will be the one who invents the next big thing! It’s possible!

Go to your happy place (Hawaii?)…

See you next week!