What’s Left?

Feb 13th, 2014 | By admin | Category: Opinion

I’ve been having a good time watching the Olympics.  I’m not totally into the speed skating but the rest of it is fun to watch.  Think about the number of hours that each athlete has put in on his/her sport. It’s a great lesson in dedication, perseverance, victory and defeat.  Just like sports on any level.  I used to love to play tennis - learned all those lessons on several occasions. Sports are great teachers of life lessons. Anyway - just to sit back and watch the Olympics is lots of fun for me. Of course, after sitting there for a minute or two, I feel guilty watching those athletes and feel like I need to get up and exercise. Fortunately, that feeling fades as I continue watching.  I think my favorite is the ice skating. Although I really did like the new Slopestyle they started this time. It’s kind of a freestyle snowboarding event. Very entertaining and incredible what those athletes can do. And, strangely enough, that is the first gold medal the U.S. won.  At any rate - win or not - I love to watch the Olympics and see those dedicated athletes from all over the world!  It’s two weeks of fun!

We are about 33 days away from Spring! Yea! I hope this Spring brings warm weather and the snow is gone for a long time! We missed the predicted snow we were supposed to have Monday into Tuesday. I’m really glad of that. And now, they are predicting that the temps will be up in the high 50’s this weekend. I hope they are right with that prediction.

I hope you are having a good week!

Go to your (warm) happy place!

See you next week!